Why use pepper spray rather than shoot a combative bear?

Why use pepper spray rather than shoot a combative bear?

How to Halt Bear Attacks Using Bear Spray

Even an unflustered bear is a dangerous animal for sheer size, but one that is hungry, angry or startled by human presence in its habitat is far worse. People felt so helpless in bear country that they had to pick up their firearms and shoot to outlive the huge mammal, but that was before the time of defense sprays. Now, it seems barbaric to mow a bear down when bear spray made up of a non-lethal pepper concentrate can frighten it off.

In the interest of self-defense, why use pepper spray rather than shoot a combative bear? Easily, pepper spray can’t kill or impair for life. It will incapacitate for about 30 minutes by clogging the airways and instigating an immense burning feeling. This is the time to hightail it and call for help. Most are intended for use on human assailants, some for dogs and others for bears. These are not interchangeable variations.

Shooting a bear is counterproductive even if not fatally, as this teaches it to abhor humans and maul them next time. Bear repellant is a device for defense, not offense. Upon suffering from discomfort, not a gunshot wound, the bear learns instead to fear humans and avoid them next time.

Bear pepper spray does not endanger any species, either, or the ecology. It lowers the risk of injury or death among humans and bears in an encounter. The bear gets to heal and rejoin its clan. The spray solution, though potent, is safe and environment-friendly.

The Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent is listed solely with the EPA as effective against all species of bear. Endorsed by the Alaska Science & Technology Foundation, it contains nothing flammable or destructive of the ozone layer. The 260-gram canister covers 15 to 20 feet.

Compared to liquid spray, the Mace bear spray is a fogger, or a mist that comes to the bear in a thicker, more concentrated form. The mammoth enemy can’t see through it, to boot. The two sizes, including a magnum, can fire 30 feet out in 5.4 seconds.